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Eye Chart Maker

Hide the secret phrase for your escape room in an eye chart. Use the form below to create your own image that will display the letters of your phrase in an eye chart fashion.

The "Full Chart" is an optional box can be used to generate the eye chart with a sentence of your choosing. Up to 66 letters (alhpabet characters) will be extracted from this field. If there are less than 66 letters, this program will add additional letters to complete the chart. This is a good way to hide a sentence in the eye chart for your escape room.

The other four fields are also optional. They provide a quick way to hide up to four secret words in the chart. Each line number represents which line it will appear on the chart and the number of letters it can hold. For example: an eight letter secret word, "BUSINESS" will fit on line 8. You can give a hint like, "Only those who see 20/20 will see the secret word".

Enter the phrase you want on the eye chart.

Full Chart:
100 characters max.
Line 6:
Line 7:
Line 8:
Line 9:

After generating the eye chart, download the image for your escape room.