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Survival At Sea

Survival at Sea is a test developed by Press Any Key based on an actual test administered by the Navy Seals. It had been enjoyed by many over the last 10 years, but due to a server failure, the test was lost. After some research and thanks to some blogs, we have been able to rebuild the test and are happy to re-launch it in this new format. This also gave us the opportunity to improve on the test and update the site to current HTML standards.

If this is your first time taking the test, click on the “Briefing” tab to prepare yourself. If you are retaking the test, you may bypass the briefing and go directly to the “Action” tab to begin the test. Click on each item in the available list to move it to the priority list in order of priority from highest to lowest. Click on any item in the priority list to move it back to the available list. Keep in mind that items that you and the crew have in your pockets may be useful with certain items.

Once all items have been prioritized, a “Process” button will appear to take you to the evaluation phase of the test. If you have trouble with this form, go to the “RetroForm” tab to prioritize your items (this would be necessary if your browser doesn‘t support HTML5). Good luck and enjoy. Follow others on their adventure on Twitter, via #survivalatsea.

You are vacationing on a private yacht in the south pacific when suddenly a fire of unknown origin breaks loose on the ship. Despite the your efforts and those of the crew to try to bring the fire under control, the yacht and much of its contents are destroyed. As a consequence, critical navigational devices have been damaged beyond repair and the yacht is now slowly sinking. Your location is unclear but your best estimate is that you are approximately one thousand miles south-southwest of the nearest land.

You have found fifteen items that are intact and undamaged after the fire. In addition to these articles, you have a serviceable rubber raft large enough to carry yourself, the crew, and all the items saved from the fire. The total contents collected from the survivor‘s pockets are a package of cigarettes, several books of matches, two watches (set at pacific daylight savings time), three pens, and five one dollar bills.

Begin this test by clicking on the “Action” tab to prioritize these items in terms of their importance to your survival. Click on the most important item first to move it from the available list to the priority list. Continue with the second most important item and so forth. If you click on an item in the priority list, it will be returned to the available list. If this form isn‘t working, try our old form.

Shaving Mirror
Five-gallon can of water
Mosquito netting
One case of U.S. Army C-rations
Maps of the Pacific Ocean
Seat cushion (flotation device)
Two-gallon can of oil/gas mixture
Small transistor radio
Shark Repellent
Twenty square feet of opaque plastic
One quart of 160-proof Puerto Rican rum
Fifteen feet of nylon rope
Two boxes of chocolate bars
Fishing kit